Interesting Downloads for Week Ending 3-4-2009

Interesting Downloads for Week Ending 3-4-2009

Hyper-V Security Guide

This Solution Accelerator provides instructions and recommendations to help strengthen the security of computers running the Hyper-V role on Windows Server® 2008. It covers three core topics: hardening Hyper-V, delegating virtual machine management, and protecting virtual machines.


This Solution Accelerator consists of a security guide and an overview packaged in a .zip file format. The security guide is a Word document intended for IT and security professionals. It includes three chapters that discuss methods and best practices that will help to secure a Hyper-V environment. The overview is a two page description of the security guide and other virtualization Solution Accelerators that are available. Brief descriptions follow for each of the chapters in the security guide.
Chapter 1: Hardening Hyper-V
This chapter provides prescriptive guidance for hardening the Hyper-V role. It discusses several best practices for installing and configuring Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 server with a focus on security. These best practices include measures for reducing the attack surface of a server running Hyper-V and recommendations for properly configuring secure network and storage devices.
Chapter 2: Delegating Virtual Machine Management
This chapter discusses several available methods for delegating virtual machine management so that virtual machine administrators only have the minimum permissions they require. It describes common delegation scenarios, and includes detailed steps to guide you through using Authorization Manager (AzMan) and System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (VMM 2008) to separate virtual machine administrators from virtualization host administrators.
Chapter 3: Protecting Virtual Machines
This chapter provides prescriptive guidance for securing virtual machine resources. It discusses best practices and includes detailed steps for protecting virtual machines by using a combination of file system permissions, encryption, and auditing. Also included are resources for hardening and updating the operating system instances running within your virtual machines.

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