Remove Astromenda Search. WSE_Astromenda virus removal for Firefox, IE and Chrome

Remove Astromenda Search. WSE_Astromenda virus removal for Firefox, IE and Chrome

The web surfing mess caused by Astromenda Search virus is the issue that is broken down into details here. Both the affected and uninfected users can take advantage of this article in terms of the removal of this adware and appropriate prevention methods.

The regular browser add-ons are designed to enhance certain Internet surfing facets and improve user experience by making things handier, faster and more easily accessible. None of the above applies to the entity called Astromenda, which is flagged as adware or PUP (potentially unwanted program) by multiple antiviruses and antispyware suites across the board. The reason why security vendors are so unanimous about this app is clear: it circumvents transparent authorization when installing onto a PC and bypasses the user consent phase when modifying critical custom settings on the already compromised computer. Freeware available on a variety of online download portals is the most common carrier of the unwanted payload in question. That’s largely because free-of-charge application makers tend to indulge in the monetization scheme whose essence is incorporating third-party objects into the respective setups. What is more, these extras are usually hidden so that most users won’t easily locate the opt-out and untick it., the adware's start page

Having gotten promoted this way into a target machine, the Astromenda Search adware commences activity on its own. Being a cross-browser PUP, it installs add-ons in all major web browsers found on the attacked system, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Again, there is no user approval stage prior to this occurrence, which is the way that viruses of this sort act. What happens next is the values for browser homepage, new tab page as well as the default search provider get altered; specifically, they’re replaced with This URL, consequently, will be popping up when the browser is launched, when a new web page is being opened, or whenever a search query is input via the omnibox or the preferred search engine bar. Although the above-mentioned landing page is not harmful in that it doesn’t render any malicious code to the PC it’s visited from, still it’s a goldmine to the cybercriminals because every SERP (search engine results page) on there has got a lot of ad links, and this means profit in its purest online form.

The nasty thing about Astromenda is that no manual action, which works for legit browser extensions, will solve the problem. In particular, you can’t get rid of the adware by dismissing the add-on on the corresponding interface for the compromised browser, nor does manually selecting the desired custom settings help. The efficient cleaning presupposes a more complex procedure to be carried out.

Astromenda adware automatic removal

Elimination of the virus can be efficiently accomplished through the use of reliable security software. Sticking to the automatic cleanup technique ensures that all components of the adware get thoroughly wiped out from your system.

1. Download recommended security utility and get your PC checked for malicious objects by selecting the Start Computer Scan option

2. The scan will come up with a list of detected items. Click Fix Threats to get Astromenda Search removed from your system. Completing this phase of the cleanup process will most likely lead to complete eradication of the infection. However, it might be a good idea to consider ascertaining the malware is gone for good.

Remove Astromenda app using Control Panel

  • Open Control Panel. On Windows XP / Windows 8, go to Add or Remove Programs. If your OS is Windows Vista / Windows 7, choose Uninstall a programSelect Add or Remove Programs under Control Panel
  • Look for Astromenda on the list. Once spotted, click Change/Remove (Uninstall/Change) option to get it exterminated.Uninstall the Astromenda program

Remove Astromenda Search from Firefox

  • In order to restore your correct Firefox preferences, type about:config in the browser’s address field and press EnterType about:config in Firefox URL area
  • Confirm that you would like to proceed by clicking on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button on the alert that pops upFirefox warranty alert
  • In the field called Search, type astromenda
  • Firefox will display all preferences related to this adware. Be sure to right-click on each item and select the Reset option
  • Now go to Tools –> Add-onsAccess Mozilla Firefox add-ons
  • Select Extensions on the screen, and uninstall Astromenda New Tab by clicking the Remove buttonRemove Astromenda New Tab extension
  • To remove Astromenda from the list of Firefox search engines, access the Manage Search Engines box. Highlight the Astromenda entry on the list and click Remove button. Save the changes by hitting OK

Remove Astromenda Search from Internet Explorer

  • In IE, go to Tools and choose Manage add-ons option in the drop-down menuGo to Manage Add-ons in IE
  • Select Search Providers in the left-hand part of the interface. In the field to the right, choose the preferred search engine and click on Set as default button at the bottom. Also, click on Astromenda entry with your mouse and hit the Remove button to eliminate it from the listRemove Astromenda from IE search providers
  • Don’t exit the Manage Add-ons interface yet. Click the Toolbars and Extensions item on the left, locate Astromenda there and disable it by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom
  • Now you need to set the correct IE homepage. Go to Tools and choose Internet Options. Hit the General tab and type in or paste the homepage you would like to open at browser launchSet IE homepage

Remove Astromenda Search from Google Chrome

  • Click the Chrome menu icon in the top right-hand part of the Chrome window
  • Select Settings in the drop-down listGo to Chrome settings
  • Proceed to the section called On startup under Settings, select the radio button for Open a specific page or set of pages option and click on Set pages linkClick on Set pages button
  • On the Startup pages screen that pops up, find Astromenda Search ( in its URL and click the X button to the rightEliminate Astromenda Search from Chrome startup pages
  • Proceed to the Search section under Settings and select Manage search engines optionGo to Manage search engines in Chrome
  • Find and delete Astromenda from the list. Also, select your preferred search provider
  • Under the Appearance section, put a checkmark for the Show Home button value and click ChangeClick the Change option next to Astromenda under Appearance section
  • Activate the Use the New Tab page radio button and save the changes by hitting OK at the bottomSelect Use the New Tab page option
  • Click the Chrome menu icon again, proceed to Tools –> ExtensionsEnter Extensions interface in Chrome
  • Find the Astromenda extension on the list (most likely called Astromenda New Tab) and click the trash bin icon next to it. This will remove the unwanted itemSend the Astromenda New Tab extension to trash in Chrome

Recheck if Astromenda Search virus has been successfully removed

For certainty’s sake, it’s advised to repeatedly run a scan with the automatic security software in order to make sure no harmful remnants of Astromenda adware are left inside Windows Registry and other system locations

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